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Ofloxacin 200mg, Ornidazole 500mg
Packing Size – (10×10)

Recoverers Complex Infections
Restores Abdominal Flora

Each film coated tablets contains:
Ofloxacin IP 200mg, Ornidazole IP 500mg

Indications of OFLOXACIN:

Genito urinary, respiratory, Gastro-intestinal, Skin & Soft tissue infections. Peritonitis, Gonorrhoea.

Hypersensitivity to 4-quinolones. History of epilepsy.

Special Precautions:
Exposure to strong sun light and ultra violet rays should be avoided. Driving or operating machinery. Renal insufficiency, Psychiatric disorders concomitant use of aluminium and magnesium containing antacids. Paediatrics: Safety not established in children below 16 years. Pregnancy: Contraindicated. Lactation: Contraindicated. Elderly: Safe.

Side Effects:
Hypersensitivity reactions,skin reactions, CNS disturbances,G.I upset pseudomembranous colitis.Transient increase in liver enzymes. Rarely, joint /muscle pain,bone marrow depression.

Drug Interactions:
Antacids containing magnesium and aluminium reduce absorption. Sucralfate reduces absorption. Inhibits GABA receptor binding. Probenecid decreases elimination.


It is a 5-nitroimidazole derivative. Its antimicrobial actions are similar to metronidazole and is used similarly in the treatment of susceptible protozoal infections and prophylaxis of anaerobic bacterial infections.

Indications of ORNIDAZOLE:

Severe intestinal and hepatic amoebiasis, giardiasis, trichomoniasis of urogenital tract, bacterial vaginosis, treatment of susceptible anaerobic infections.

Hypersensitivity to ornidazole and other imidazoles.

Special Precautions:
In patients with ataxia, vertigo and mental confusion, Ornidazole should be given with caution because the drug has been occasionally reported to aggravate neurological complications in patients with central and peripheral nervous system disorders. Pregnancy & Lactation: To be used only if the potential benefits justifies the potential risk to foetus/neonate.

Side Effects:
Nausea, pain in the abdomen, vertigo, headache, skin-rash are generally reported.

Drug Interactions:
Concomitant administration of oral anticoagulants may increase the risk of haemorrhage due to diminished hepatic metabolism.

Pack (10×10 Tab)

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