Mefenamic acid 250mg, Drotaverine 80mg
Packing Size – (10×10)


When Spasm rules,
Get rid of Spasm with

Each film coated tablet contains:
Mefenamic Acid 250mg, Drotaverine 80mg


Mefenamic acid exerts peripheral as well as central analgesic action.

Indications of MEFENAMIC ACID:

Analgesic in muscle, joint and soft tissue pain. Dysmenorrhoea. Rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, antipyretic.

Hypersensitivity. Epilepsy

Special Precautions:
Pregnancy, lactation, C.N.S. depressants.

Side Effects:
Diarrhoea, epigastric distress, skin rashes, dizziness, haemolytic anaemia.

Drug Interactions:
Enhances activity of oral


Drotaverine is an isoquinoline derivative. It does not mask signs & symptoms of a serious illness such as an acute abdomen so that diagnosis is not missed.

Indications of DROTAVERINE:

Control and prevention of pain & dysfunction caused by smooth muscle spasm. Biliary and renal colics;cholecystopathy associated with spastic symptoms, cholelithiasis, Cholecystitis, nephrolithiasis, Peptic ulcer, spastic constipation, colitis, tenesmus, smooth muscle spasm provoked by instrumental diagnostic procedures, in uterine irratibility & obstetrics to relax the constriction of os uteri.

Hypersensitivity Contraindicated in patients with severe heart, liver, and kidney disease.

Special Precautions:
Exercise caution in patients with renal/hepatic/cardiac dysfunction. Pregnacy, lactation.

Side Effects:
It is free from CNS side effects, addiction, dryness of mouth and blurring of vision and blood dyscrasias. Free from gastric irritation.

Drug Interactions:
effects of levodopa may be decreased if given concurrently.

Pack (10×10 Tab)

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