About Us

About Us

Drugmed Pharma is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and WHO, GMP PCD Pharmaceutical Franchisee Service Provider Company in India.

DrugMed Pharma is a Delhi based pharmaceutical company with a vision of making world class affordable medicines. DrugMed is a research driven forward looking pharmaceutical company with expertise in development of various finished dosage. We have a dedicated manufacturing unit for extensive forms spectrum of pharmaceutical formulation products and are professionally managed company that has been engaged in supplying of pharmaceutical products.

We have our manufacturing unit in Haridwar, Uttarakhand which has been designed with modern, automated process, utilities and equipments conforming to national standards and CGMP and WHO norms amended from time to time. Our Plant is well equipped with sophisticated manufacturing equipments to produce Quality finished formulations in the form of Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Suspensions, Dry Syrups, Liquid Orals, Creams, Ointment, Gels and Soft Geletine.

We have a leading portfolio of products that support wellness and prevention, as well as treatment and cures for diseases across a broad range with all the vital promotional inputs at the most cost-effective rates. The entire business works with quality service excellence, enhanced products portfolios, innovative marketing and swift deliverables.

Our products are highly effective in eradicating diseases and product portfolio gives us an edge in an increasingly competitive market and allows us to provide affordable medication to people across the nation, regardless of geographic and socio-economic barriers.

Owing to high quality and diverse range of products, we get excellent response from the Medical fraternity. We are one among the fastest growing Pharmaceuticals Companies in India

The company stands out tall amongst its peers in the Indian pharmaceutical industries. Constant benchmarking ensures steady monitoring of progress. The company is proud that it can now compare its growth rates and quality with well-known Indian pharma companies.

Our Vision

Our aim is to deliver high- quality and affordable healthcare products to the needful people across the nation.

Our Mission

With the use of cutting edge technology, research and development, state of the art manufacturing facilities and an innovative marketing and distribution of the good quality products in the market.  We are delivering affordable innovative healthcare solutions with superior quality products to millions of needful people across the globe.  We are dedicated in providing the best to our clients while upholding the highest business ethics.

Partner Ethics

We are always committed and want to build a strong and long lasting relationship with our customers and our suppliers, founded on trust and mutual benefit.
We do business with honesty and respect keeping the laws and regulations in our mind to adhere to good corporate governance practices. The exchanged information between us must fulfill confidentiality terms.

Customer Focus

We will always be ready to meet the requirements of our customers, and emphasis on customer satisfaction. We take genuine interest in the welfare of our customers, both internal and external.  Our success is our clients. Our first and for most priority is to give quality product, on time delivery, competitive rates and the best services. Healthcare is not a privilege but a right of every citizen. Thus, we are taking meccessary steps in making good quality products.